Ambient Plus Studio Story

When Los Angeles photographer Jason Ivany moved to Atlanta in 2003, one of the first things he noticed was the lack of daylight studio space that he was so used to shooting in back home. He began looking for a way to fill this void.

Jason noticed an ad one day for some warehouse space in a cool, urban transition area and thought he'd check it out. To get to the advertised space, he had to walk through the building next door. What he found was an enormous, well-lit room perfect for a daylight studio. This accidental discovery would eventually become the home of Ambient Plus Studio.

But it didn't happen overnight. While the space had incredible potential, it also needed some work. So Jason began the process of converting this 100-year-old building into a 21st century photography studio. This meant countless hours of work, lots of help from friends, and a broken thumb. But what resulted was the first full daylight studio in the Atlanta market. It's also the largest photo studio in the city.

Today, Ambient Plus Studio not only fills the void for a daylight studio in this region, but also gives photographers from New York, Chicago and other major cities more affordable access to the large studio space they need.